Being the pioneer in providing health-education not only makes AHA stand out of the crowd but also provides you a unique combination of traditional therapies with a touch of western philosophies of Healing. No other institution in the world is providing such combination of healing philosophies. While pursuing the courses of AHA, candidates would get the knowledge of all supplement therapies for healing along with their core-course.

Online Education

The extraordinary nature of our programs demands our students to be self-disciplined, self-directed and able to study without the structure of a formal classroom. Anyone with a desire to learn can benefit from the course.

Study Whenever, Wherever

Besides the unique combinations of lifestyle courses; AHA also gives you the freedom to study at your own pace with no time commitment and easily available access to the course material. This saves you money and time that you would otherwise spend on travel back and forth to school/college. You can schedule around other aspects of your personal and professional life, which ultimately leads to a maintained comfort zone and stress-free life, as you pursue your courses.

Career Options

Learning the subject related to health, especially healing itself is a matter of inner joy. More so, if you wish to serve the community through the healing knowledge you acquire, then there are a lot of possibilities to be provided by the ‘Aum Group’ itself.

Aum Group offers opportunities to the qualified healers through its different wings like AABHA, AumHeals and AumsWow. The beauty of working with Aum Group is, that you choose to work from anywhere (globally) or anytime; as its most of the endeavours are operated online.

No Pre-Qualification

No special qualifications are required for most of the courses, only your wish to learn is enough. To become a healer also, no prior knowledge of the medical subjects is required as AHA provides a bridge course to the beginners and non-streamers. Medical Students/Professionals can add on a feather in their cap of diplomas & certificates.

It could have proved to be boon to the people who, because of any reason or circumstances could not complete their desired studies, could not choose the science faculty or they developed their interest in the healing / health education in the later stages.

Rare Wellness-Courses

Under the boosted over-brightness of modern medicines, the traditional healing systems, whether it has Indian, Chinese or Egyptian roots; are diminishing. However, these systems have served and proved to be the healthy practices for over 3000 years.

AHA offers these rarely available pro-healing traditional therapies to the world as a subject of study and practice to save the mankind, naturally.

Best of All Times

Being traditional, not necessarily the synonym of an obsolete system. And in the case of healing it is not at all; because the new itself is the new version of the old systems. But on-account of easiness or otherwise, some of the golden rules or features do left behind during this development.

The goodness is goodness; and has nothing to do with old or new. At AHA, the courses are designed in such a way that it emphasises on traditional but, taking the modern medicinal approach into consideration.

AHA is redefining the way people study in the field of Health Education. It is a journey towards health perfection started with a firm step of 'Unity in Diversity'.